Friday, November 2, 2012

Top 6 New Functions for Developers in SharePoint 2013

As you probably know the SharePoint 2013 Community Review was launched this weeks’ time and I’m sure all the developers out there want to know what exactly is new for branding? Well, you will be fascinated to know that creating SharePoint style simpler was a key objective for this edition of SharePoint. Does that mean that all my expert marketing colleagues are out of perform now? Let us examine out what exactly is new and then review that query. Be sure to examine out down the site, I preserve the most exciting for last(sort of like a David Letterman Top 10 list!).


I have an iPhone computer file space for storage app called Air sharing that uses a WebDAV hosting server to let you get connected to it with a PC. For some reason, a few weeks after setting up Windows seven, computer file exchanges to or from this (or any other) WebDAV hosting server became amazingly, mind-numbingly, literally-33.6K-dialup slowly. And yet, from my other entire computer systems in the house, even those still running Windows XP, computer file exchanges over the LAN to my iPhone were as fast as you would anticipate.