Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Use of Microsoft Office Communicator 2010

Microsoft Office Communicator 2010 makes collaborating with your business colleague trading easy  I save so much time because I can quickly find and connect with coworkers that  ever leaving my favorite  office programs, and I am helping my company  save costs by saving time for me and my coworkers, throughout Microsoft outlook excel, PowerPoint and word 2010.
 In Microsoft Office Communicator 2010   you will discover color coded presence icons like the once that appear in my outlook inbox. They have visual clues that indicate which of your team members and associates available. The red yellow and green icons appear in my outlook calendar too. Showing me at a glance which's available, who’s busy and who doesn't want to be disturbed. When I hover over the presence icons that persons contact card appear again and with a single click, I can start an IM session, make a call are scheduling a mean.

 If we expand the contact card will discover more information, including contact no’s and organizational hierarchy.  To initiate and IM,   I simply click on the icon in the contact card then contact referrals appear in the subject line so, my contact will Know what I would like to discuss. Within outlook 2010 you can actually    see all of your recent contacts in the buddy list, which makes it simple to find and connect with the full need. However, the presence icon and the contact card icons I can choose to make a video call and start to share my desktop or invite other people to join a call. In Microsoft Office Communicator 2010 you also have the ability to store communication history and outlook folder through you can always find information from a previous conversation. This includes IM conversation phone calls or forwarded calls let me show you how easy it is to share documents from inside other office 2010 programs. I open the back stage view in PowerPoint with communicator also works in word and excel 2010. Without leaving the applications you can see who author the document adds new author contact the authors from the started instant message conversation are even sharing the document the integration of Microsoft Office Communicator 2010   makes it easy for people to contact and share documents all from inside office applications.


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