Saturday, February 12, 2011

Multiple Line Text Field Combine Enclose the Text with Versions for Use in SharePoint Workflow

When playing around with "Multiple Lines of text" fields that were configured to append changes to the previous versions. I found that when trying to use the value in the field in a workflow created using SharePoint Designer, it will 

Only take the value entered in the field in the final version of the question, even if the box was empty. For example, if you create a new list item with text on several lines of text field that will raise the value of work as intended. Then if you make a change to the object, but leave the text field attached is empty this time, the version is increased and the final version will not be a value for this field. The result of the workflow created using SharePoint Designer was that he would not see the value in the last version. I need all the entries attached to the box, not just the latest consolidation in the text of each version. 

I made this using a work around solution, because I could not get information about previous versions of a list item without writing, or install an extension of the custom workflow for SharePoint Designer. My solution was to create a hidden text box on the list, which is updated via a separate workflow for each change was made to emulate a list item "Paste text" feature.

I left most of the original line text field, paste the text defined in earlier versions, so that the historical notes in the text box may still appear on the main display or modify the form (a hidden field is not visible to edit the file / screenshot of what should be changed manually by the user). Workflow process to add a new field of hidden text was very simple. The first time you use the "building a dynamic string" measures to create a workflow variable that contains entries beyond the entrance and recently updated, including changing the date and modified by the user as a reference. The next and last step is to update the hidden field with the value of the workflow variable that the value of the two is not equal. If they are equal when the workflow is launched, the workflow will do nothing (stop). This is to help prevent the flow of work in a loop indefinitely to environments with or without Service Pack Service Pack 1 installed. This is because the process of updating the hidden field on the current list item can trigger a new instance of the workflow to create an endless loop. Integrate a simple test on the logic not to update the hidden field if the new value is not equal to the existing value prevent that from happening.

Now when I use the contents of the workflow attached text box I use the contents of a hidden field that contains the corresponding text box attached to the mainline denominations, not just the value of the latest version.


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