Thursday, July 14, 2011

Change the "Document Information Panel" with InfoPath 2010 how?

This article will attempt to explain how we can use InfoPath 2010 to modify the document information panel from SharePoint content types.

In this example, create a custom content type called "DLX" my SharePoint site and collection of linked documents to a "shared documents" and to add some documents

Now, for this example I will change the design and customize the content that appears when you edit a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 using.

Open Infopath 2010 > New > Document Information Panel

After we select the Form Template need to define what is the document Library we want to change, for this example use "http://[Site]/Shared Documents"

After we select the Document Library the Menu option will display the Content Types associated to Document Library "Shared Documents" in this case "DLX".

After Select the Content type we want to change the form will be display with the differents properties fields and layout design to change.

After we change the layout for the company requirements we can publish the change we made, first we will need to save the new XSN Form and overwrite the existing one in the SharePoint 2010 site like displayed the image below.

After we Publish the New Form Template for Document Information Pane we need to Edit a Microsoft Office Document, for this i have access to my SharePoint 2010 Site, Document Library "Shared Documents" and select "Edit in Microsoft Word".

With the Microsoft Office Word Document on Edit mode, select the content Type and properties associated to Document Library do Display the Document Information Panel changed by Infopath 2010.

PS: By default some Microsoft Office Document dont have Document Information Panel in the document to display as default, to active this go to "File > Info > Properties > Show Document Panel"

I hope you like this article and show how SharePoint is flexile different customizations.


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