Monday, September 19, 2011

Released For Windows PowerShell Version 3 CTP-7 # 1

On the heels of Windows 8 release, Microsoft PowerShell team PowerShell Launches Version 3 for Windows 7 as a CTP. Here are some examples:

Windows PowerShell 3.0

Robust Sessions
Scheduled Jobs
Delegated Administration
Simplified Language Syntax
Improved Cmdlet Discovery


A new provider development model
A new MI Client API to perform standard CIM operations.
The ability to write Windows PowerShell cmdlets in native code


Connections are more robust
Connections are more resilient

Windows PowerShell Web Service

Windows PowerShell Web Service enables an administrator to expose a set of PowerShell cmdlets as a RESTful web endpoint accessible via the (Open Data Protocol (OData). This provides remote access to invoke cmdlets from both Windows and non-Windows clients.


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