Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ms SharePoint Discussion 2011 Review

We are contemporary off the final result of the Ms SharePoint Discussion 2011 in Anaheim, CA and it was fantastic! The conference presented us with several information, but most popular that SharePoint is increasing, and increasing rapidly! You could see this everywhere, in the quantity of person in attendance produce (~7,500), the variety of creates and periods, the around the world variety of people, and the quantity of sociable events every day time. We recognized going into it that because it was a mid-production period conference that no key announcement would probably be declared and that was quickly obvious in the keynote reviews regarding how this season's style was efficiency. This was included in many of the period issues, whether it was enterprise automated using blend remedies, FAST, or being more successful with the reasoning.

I’ve highlighted what I think were the biggest takeaways from the event. However, I’m sure I am missing some as I was obviously able to neither attend every session nor keep up with the roughly 3 tweets per second for #SPC11.

SQL “Denali” and AlwaysOn, Microsoft’s new solution for SQL Server regarding high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical applications.
Forrester Research Results
Versions Installed
65% now have SharePoint 2010 installed
57% still have SharePoint 2007 installed
11% still on SPS2003 (this number surprised me)
SharePoint Deployment Timeframe
59% able to deploy SharePoint at the pace they expected
Of the other 41%, 59% said it was delayed due internal technical issues, 41% lack of governance, 28% users adopted more slowly

SharePoint Network Topology Diagram Add-In for Visio( released which adds a Visio add-in and timer job to SharePoint to pull farm topology details.

SharePoint 2010 Podcasting Hands On Lab ( – learn how to build your own podcasting site!

A new elite certification called Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – ( requires a pre-requisite of Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)

A new elite certification called Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – which requires a pre-requisite of Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)

4 times the amount of employees for User Experience currently working on the new version of SharePoint

Updates coming to Office 365, including BCS for remote web services.

Next conference is scheduled for Nov 12-15 in Las Vegas where speculation is that Microsoft will announce the next version of SharePoint

If you have not gone to a discussion in the last, I advocate you go to the next one. This is one of the best options to community with top specialists and obtain information straight from Ms, MCMs, and MVPs. I think next season will be the season for government, blend remedies, and the extended press to the reasoning. Even with SPC11 in the last, we have a lot to look send to!


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