Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to do punctuation have a look at in visual business 2010

These days, I want to provide a little information about Punctuation have a look at usually we have seen in Enthusiasm Concept Papers. You can also see when you form to deliver concept to someone via Google, Google mail, then in the box where you are writing if any spelling problem is there, instantly it display an underline in red coloring and right press on that will display a collection of change spelling, via an intelligent tag. So, customer can select the appropriate word to prevent spelling problem. This is the situation not to control in other program but also in Graphic Business 2010 also. Think I have form some sequence name , yes you are right , we can set our sequence value whatever we wish, but cause verifying is more highly effective choice to have a look at that you are not writing any incorrect element. If you sure that you have determine a right value in sequence, then you have also two choice offered by Punctuation Check device. One is Neglect, so the red underline level will go away to caution problem in spelling, and other is add to book, and your writing value will be included in book. So when when you form same word for different sequence value, no caution will be come.

1. First set up the Cause Checker extendable in your Graphic Business. It is very Easy, No you need not to look for in the look for engines, and it will instantly come in your Graphic Business 2010. How? Amazed? Ok just see in the Pic -1.

2. Open Visual Studio 2010 in your Computer  from all programs,  after open click on the Tool Menu and then click Extension Manager , see in Pic -1


3.  After click on extension Manager you will able to see this below Image Pic – 2.

Pic – 2

4. Click on Download, Be sure you have internet connection; Spell Checker will automatically start downloading. After complete download just restart the Visual Studio 2010.

5. This Spelling Checker can Perform text verification like HTML style comments , ASP.NET server side comments i.e. <%-- ASP.NET--%>, Java Script, C# and C++ comments ,CSS style comments

6. Now I have Create one simple Console Application and start writing Something. See , I’m declaring a string  variable and assign its value “This is Hello World Programming”. Now What I did in here  is that I type some wrong spelling to check that what we have downloaded is it going to do work or not . So , I write wrong spelling of this , then Programming , and also world.

7. It’s amazing that a red color underline indicate that something is wrong. When I mouse over on it then a list of alternate words are showing. Yes, I noticed that I have done a spelling mistake typing “this “  word .

See in the Pic - 3.

Pic – 3.

8. I also see that now visual studio can automatically check Spelling mistake  for other words also like “Hello”, “World” or “Programming”.

9. Now We add a Text File in Our Project , Just Select the Project and click add New Item or Type Ctrl + Shift + A , select Text File from  installed Template Items .

10. See I have Write some Text lines in the Text File , Here I  also type some wrong word , See in this case it also Check the Spelling mistake . See the Pic - 4 . Here also show warning of the wrong spelling.

Pic – 4

11. Now I add an HTML file in my Project. Press Ctrl + Shift + A  in your keyboard and add a HTML file .

Pic – 5
12. Now  again we are going to add another new item , that css style sheet . Add a style sheet in your project , see in the comments line the Spell Checker also doing work. See in Pic -6.

Pic -6

Hope you enjoy this little article , We shall now  also do check our spelling mistake in Visual Studio like Microsoft Word document .  Yes this spell checker can also perform in Multiple language , but you need to install Microsoft Office 2007 Language Package . Feel free to write any comments regarding it , enjoy happy  coding.


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