Monday, August 6, 2012

Obtain Ms SharePoint Hosting server 2013 Preview

SharePoint Server 2013 Preview is designed to bring people together to get work done. Whether you’re using it to manage your enterprise content, make it easy for business end users to share ideas and information, or help developers build innovative new applications, SharePoint Server 2013’s improvements in scale, security, and flexibility have you covered.
  • Scalable – support for the most demanding workloads with end-user experience in mind.
  • Secure – governance, information protection and control – the right people access the right information.
  • Flexible – deploy quickly & easily and upgrade on your terms – online and on-premises.
Want an overview of SharePoint Server 2013 Preview? See the product details page.

Register for the Download

Register now, and then continue your evaluation with the technical product resources—such as forums, whitepapers, and training materials—at the SharePoint Server 2013 Resource Page.
Step 1
Step 2
Register for evaluation
Step 3
Download and install full-featured software for a limited-time trial
Step 4
Receive 2 emails with resources to guide you and notification of the next release
Step 5
Use blogs and forums to share tips

Additional information:
  • Available as 64-bit ISO
  • Available in these languages: English, Japanese, Spanish
  • Installation requires the following product key: 6RNT8-XV26M-GWH36-VMGQH-94MMH


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