Saturday, July 31, 2010

Problems with SharePoint Governance

problems of business processes in SharePoint can be, and because of its scale, even more of a problem before multiplying. It is 100% of the surface of a government strategy aims to fill, and the production can be achieved when as a fragmentary series of equipment that will make up a complete machine detected. Loosely defined, we believe, in that the management of SharePoint as a strategy to improve the quality of the

information architecture and content taxonomy, is ensured in the light of the defined business processes, objectives, procedures are defined in ensuring support.

I see people always do three things with regard to the governance of Share -Point:

1) Governance to chance: Download templates and processes. Its implementation, independent of the organization, then it is a failure of this policy in the same place as the old company Betamax.

2) that a number of measures, the plan actually an effective strategy for Corporate Governance SharePoint automatically. Tools of government is necessary, and third-party components is not a closed loop solution for the government.

3) Using Governance 50,000 words to describe things. Then, with inconsistent, because it sounds super .

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