Sunday, September 5, 2010

Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration (book review)

SharePoint 2010 comes with native support for Silverlight allows you to create rich Internet applications (RIA) is easier and faster. And while Silverlight has been around for some years more to develop RIA Silverlight in SharePoint 2010. While you could use the classic - the approach of Web services based on SharePoint 2010 comes with the Silverlight object model that makes it easy to work with data in SharePoint Silverlight applications

Microsoft Silverlight and SharePoint 2010 Integration four book covers the basics of developing Silverlight applications in SharePoint 2010 platform. The book begins with an overview of what Silverlight is and what the integration capabilities provided by SharePoint 2010 is as follows: it is all supported with easy to follow samples. Over the next few chapters of the book deals with the integration capabilities in more detail and focus on different parts such as Silverlight Object Model, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and SharePoint Data Services.

Although the book targets developers who have previous SharePoint experience it provides in-depth explanation of new capabilities of SharePoint 2010, so if you haven’t done that much with the newest version of SharePoint, you won’t feel lost. The detailed explanation of different pieces of the sample solutions makes it easy to learn from the examples and the clear chapter structure makes it possible to skip the pieces that you are already familiar with.

Since the book covers basic SharePoint and Silverlight development is not really suitable for beginner developers. Have an understanding of the impact of development on both platforms, display, before you start reading this book. 4 On the other hand, Microsoft Silverlight and SharePoint integration, the book covers advanced topics such as removing data from the user interface level or to discuss the distribution capabilities Various Silverlight applications in SharePoint 2010, and when to use which is what that the book does not make much developers. In fact, it is a book that provides an overview of the average level of how you can use Silverlight4 to create four RIA SharePoint in early 2010.

Microsoft Silverlight4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration is an interesting and readable book that explains the new features of SharePoint 2010 to create rich Internet applications using Silverlight in April. It provides insight into both SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight in April and is a good starting point to explore more advanced topics RIA. If you are interested in taking advantage of Silverlight to create rich applications on the SharePoint platform in 2010 but have not done much with Silverlight, however, is a book to read.


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